December Brief


Akira Takahashi, Group Creative Director, AKQA




Dec 1, 2013

Submission Deadline:

Jan 5, 2014


Brief - Create a game: 

Our idea of "Play" has evolved a great deal. From Pong, Super Mario Bros., Grand Theft Auto, Katamari Damacy, Halo, Skyrim to Angry Birds, countless great titles have left a mark in the history of gaming. They are always sure to possess innovative game play, quality story lines and undeniable iconic visual styles. How are we doing today? How do we promote it? How do we brand it? Are we becoming too orthodox and formulated? Have we stuck too much on category and genre for a long time? Have we forgotten what it means to "play"?


Create an original and fresh game title for any digital device.


Create a name, logo, cover art and a brief game description.

Optional: Interface design, package design, sound design or branding, campaign idea, etc.


Be original, memorable, not typical.

Define target audience, not for everybody.

Innovative play, not technological gimmick.

Note about judging

This same brief is also running in the Design category this month.

However, Akira will still judge the Advertising and Design entrants separately, like any other normal round would be judged. Please ensure you enter your correct category.

About Akira Takahashi

In his twelve years with AKQA, Akira Takahashi has led some of the agency's most dynamic and award-winning work. As Creative Director, Akira oversees the full creative process, from concept development to the finest details of craftsmanship and is also responsible for leading a diverse team of visual, motion, and user experience designers. He also brings a wealth of experience from outside the advertising world, ranging from brand identity and packaging to interior and apparel design.

For the past two years, Akira has set the creative direction for the Bethesda Softworks account, covering a broad spectrum of work including brand development, key art and identity, digital marketing, trailer and television spots, interface design, and integrated campaigns. Titles includes The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Wolfenstein, and The Elder Scrolls Online to name a few. Additional clients include Nike, GAP, Xbox, Delta, and most recently Ubisoft.