January Brief


Steve (MOJOKO) Lawler, Creative Director, Kult




Jan 1, 2014

Submission Deadline:

Jan 31, 2014


Brief: 'Observation'

They say you can't teach Creativity. I would argue that 90% of creativity derives from being observant, translating those observations into patterns and creating new juxtapositions.

The theme for the upcoming Kult Magazine will be on "Observation". The brief is to create an artwork which forces the viewer to be observant. By using skills of observation, they will discover more about the work, and perhaps force the viewer to look harder to discover clues or details which may go unnoticed upon first viewing. 

In todays bombardment of visual imagery, it is vital to create images which have depth, which engage the viewer. Which reward those who really LOOK and understand what they are looking at.

Format 18cm x 18cm CMYK. 300dpi. 
You are allowed to create a Double Page Spread if your idea requires it, or up to a maximum of 3 separate pages.

The submissions which best respond to this brief will not only be awarded, but also considered for inclusion in the upcoming issue of Kult Mag.

About Steve (MOJOKO) Lawler 

Born in Iran, growing up in Hong Kong and now based in Singapore, Steve graduated in Graphic Design after which he pursued a 2-year scholarship at Fabrica in the new media department working on Colors Magazine. His professional experience extends to several renowned international labels, namely Diesel, where he joined the in-house creative team, and OgilvyOne, creating new websites and campaigns for many global brands under the group. He now acts as Creative Director at Kult, an unconventional boutique agency in Singapore which also produces Kult Magazine.

When he’s not guest-designing magazines, conducting art workshops or silk screening, he spends his time going around and picking up obscure pieces of paper from the ground on behalf of his artistic alter-ego MOJOKO.  "One man’s junk is another man’s painting".