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Alessandra Lariu's Feedback:

"Customized balls, beer pong meets zorbing, demolition pong, wow some awesomely surprising ideas for Thomson Punke. Some waaaay over budget and a lots of party related themes. Also, some similar ideas from students and professionals group, which I guess is a point for the students, right? ; )

Overall it was a pleasure to judge Young Glory. It was fun too. Like going to a Romanian wedding. I loved the energy people put into making their case studies.  

I’ve always been a sucker for simple, on brief ideas that have a technology edge to them so it was great to see so many concepts go in that direction. Most of which came out as winners in the end.

I showed my favorites to the client and they said  "There were some amazingly diverse ideas. Loved the fact that it wasn't just cool films but people had really put some thought into spreading the good word about Ping Pong and Thompson Punke. Thank you for all the hard work. If you ever want a game. look us up in New York."

I wish I had something like Young Glory when I started my career. Lots of love."

Brief: Thompson Punke

How would you launch a new brand? Not only is this a new brand, it's a whole new category. 

Thompson Punke is the first badass ping pong brand. Traditionally ping pong - or table tennis - has been a nerdy sport. But it's becoming incredibly popular with young people and what marketing people would probably call 'influencers'. 

Cool ping pong bars and clubs are opening up across the US and Europe. Tables are appearing in films, commercials and TV shows. There are a million reasons why it's popular - it's a cheap form of exercise, it's simple, it's social, it's a brain work out as well as physical work out.

However there is no clothing brand that is taking advantage of this trend. Most table tennis apparel is from China and definitely not cool. There are a few American brands such as Joola but they try to ape the Chinese brands and create 'shiny synthetic' shirts that remind you of 80's nerds. 

Thomspon Punke aims to bring a bit of the street to the table. It is a fashion/sportswear brand that happens to have its roots in ping pong rather than the other way around. 

We are anti-jock, pro-fun. By this we mean that you don't need to be a jock to excel at ping pong. It's more about athletic ability, technique and strategy than steroids. We believe this is hugely attractive to a number of people who don't want to succumb to the regimen of lifting weights and taking steroids just to become an athlete. We are pro-fun in that ping pong players don't have to be nerds. They can party with the best of them. 

Think Supreme - fashion first, skateboarding second. But it's all about the attitude. 

This is a very open brief. What would you do to launch this brand? Would you go social? Would you just do one incredibly badass film?

Budget: USD $10,000.

Note: All ideas submitted remain the intellectual property of the participants who submitted them. You reserve the right to negotiate an agreement with Thompson Punke should they wish to pursue any concept further.

About Alessandra Lariu

Ale Lariu is the CEO of Shout and co-founder of SheSays, a five year old award-winning global network organization focused on the engagement, education and advancement of women in digital marketing.

In 2010, Ale was picked by Fast Company magazine as number 29 out of the 100 most creative people in business beating Tom Ford, Jamie Oliver and the founder of FourSquare. In 2011 she was elected ‘World’s Most Influential Female Creative Director’ by Adwomen and got an award for ‘Greatest Individual Contribution to New Media’ by NMA magazine.

Ale has been kicking ass for as long as she can remember. Before starting her own company, she was SVP Group Creative Director at McCann, where she has worked with clients like MasterCard, General Mills, Kohls, Nikon and Verizon. Before that, she worked for Agency Republic, a digital boutique shop four times best interactive agency in the UK. Her 15 year-old career in advertising has lead to 18 prestigious industry accolades including Cannes, D&AD and OneShow. She also spoke at 13 conferences in the past    five years.

Ale currently teaches at Hyper Island (Sweden), Berghs (Sweden), Miami Ad School (NY) and Boulder Digital Works. She also writes a monthly column on digital culture for the Brazilian version of Wired magazine and is on the board of the Art Directors Club and the Creative Review Board for The Ad Council.

Ale was born in the Brazilian Amazon jungle. She grew up in Rio de Janeiro and in 1994 was awarded a scholarship from the Brazilian government to do an MA in London where she lived and worked for 13 years before moving to the US.

You can find more about Ale here: http://alelariuplus.tumblr.com/