Gav Gordon-Rogers | Round 4

Brief: "Wikipedia"


Gav Gordon-Rogers, Interactive CD, Wieden+Kennedy London / CD, LBi Edinburgh


Jan 1, 2012

Submission Deadline:

Jan 31, 2012


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Gav Gordon Rogers' Feedback:

"The idea of creative consistency is a really great starting point for a young talent award. How many one hit wonder pop acts have there been? It's the artists that consistently produce great work that end up being remembered. 

I was surprised by the entries on a few counts. First, there were a lot of them. A lot more than I was expecting. Second, they were nearly all good quality. And finally, there were a few ideas that kept reappearing. Perhaps I shouldn't have been surprised by this last one, but it stumped me for a while. Is an idea worth less because more than one person has suggested it? That's the way it often works in the famous awards shows. In answer to this brief one of the best and most straightforward concepts was proposed multiple times in both the Student and Professional categories. For me, the idea of Wikipedia auctioning, 'selling' or allowing individuals to sponsor their articles was a really simple and direct way to raise money without selling out. Who wouldn't want to own The World? Or become King of Prince? Or even the official sponsor of Happiness?

I wanted to recognise everyone who came up with that solution in one form or another, so that's why I've awarded so many Bronzes.

Thanks to all the participants for their ideas - and of course we'll report back if Wikipedia choose to consider taking any of them on."

Brief: Wikipedia

We're probably all familiar with this phrase: "An urgent appeal from Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales" (see here). But how many of us have even clicked on the link let alone donated?

Wikipedia represents the very essence of the internet: free, collaborative, informative and educational. It's probably one of the most useful, most used and most undervalued resources on the internet. And crucially, it's driven by users who have the desire to help others for no personal gain. The site is not commercial, it has no advertising or sponsors. The only way it keeps going is through donations. So this is essentially a charity brief.

Your task is to encourage people to make regular donations to Wikipedia, however small those donations may be.

You can use any media, but remember that the budget will be extremely limited. Be realistic about how much your ideas might cost to execute. Think about innovative ways for us to communicate with existing users. If you have thoughts about inventing new Wikipedia services or offerings which could help to bring in donations, suggest them too. Does Wikipedia need new branding? Should we pursue strategic partnerships? How can we make people feel good about donating?

Try to create work which would genuinely convince your friends to donate regularly.

And when we strike gold, we'll send our winning response to Jimmy Wales to see if it might become a reality.

Further Info:

bout Gav Gordon-Rogers

Having been BAFTA-nominated for his graduation film, Gav teamed up with his wife Gemma to make music videos. He directed promos for acts such as Snow Patrol, Belle & Sebastian and Paul McCartney.

The pair shifted focus onto advertising, freelancing at numerous creative agencies before ‘digitising’ into glue London in 2002. They joined Agency Republic in early 2005, tasked with re-invigorating the creative department. This they did, winning multiple national and international awards, being promoted to Joint Creative Directors and leading Republic to be named Campaign’s Digital Agency of the Year 2006 and Marketing’s Digital Agency of the Year 2008.

Throughout this period Republic’s international reputation was cemented.  Gav was promoted to Executive Creative Director and was instrumental in winning new accounts such as Smirnoff, Nivea and Activia.  He is in regular demand both as a conference speaker and a juror at awards shows worldwide.

Gav joined Wieden+Kennedy London in early 2011 as Interactive Creative Director.

Outside of work he is kept very busy by his two hyperactive daughters.