Brief: "Square"

          Judge: Matt Murphy (72andSunny, Group CD)

          Month: January 2014

          Link: Round 4 Advertising Brief

"The brief was simple:

Promote Square Cash using only a mobile phone.

Hi-fives all around to everyone who submitted work. 

It was fun to see the range of work and thinking that came back from all the teams, both student and professional.

What I was looking for in the work, was a fresh idea/approach that took advantage of mobile as the platform to draw attention to Sqaure Cash.

Whether it was a new utility added onto the Sqaure App or a standalone stunt, the simpler the idea, the better. 

I was really surprised at how many ideas came back with the same solution, which is to offer a 'Split the check' feature at local restaurants.

Probably an idea that they should be doing for sure. 

With all that being said, below are the ideas that most jumped out to me."

- Matt Murphy


Professional Gold (25 Points) 
Daniel Jubilot & Ruben Santos & Fernando Augusto (Brandia Central)
"Square Cashless Market"

Professional Silver (18 Points)
Kevin Lobo (Creativeland Asia)
"Cause Roulette"

Professional Silver (18 Points)
Jarrad+Jarz (Freelance)
"Square Digital E-Cards"

Professional Bronze (15 Points)

No Professional Bronzes were awarded this Round.

Professional Shortlist (10 Points)

No Professional Shortlists were awarded this Round.


Student Gold (25 Points) 
Barnabe ML (The Creative Circus)
"National Square-Up Day Lottery"

Student Silver (18 Points)
AbstractBrainChild (Chicago Portfolio School)

Student Silver (18 Points)
MASNYCLadies (Miami Ad School NY)
"The Square Instagram Sale"

Student Bronze (15 Points)

No Student Bronzes were awarded this Round.

Student Shortlist (10 Points)

No Student Shortlists were awarded this Round.