Marc Fortin, Senior Partner, VP Executive Creative Director, lg2

Brief Released:

April 1, 2012

Submissions Deadline:

April 30, 2012


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Brief: JFL42

Just for Laughs has been throwing the biggest and most prestigious comedy festival in the world for last 30 years.

In the fall, they’re teaming up with Live Nation, the biggest concert promoter on earth, to create JFL42: A new type of festival combining the funniest and most interesting characters around. 42 of them.

Big name comedians will be there. But also soon-to-be big name comedians, artists, internet sensations, trouble makers and anybody that will be culturally relevant at that time. The program won’t be tailored to appeal to your everyday comedy festival crowd but will be geared towards a much younger, culturally obsessed and globally connected one.

JFL42 will be held in Toronto. A single smart-phone-based pass will get you into all the events and allow you to connect in real-time with fellow festival goers, performers and the organizers.

Your brief is to make sure this festival sells out.

Think of this as launching a new brand that’s building on Just For Laughs’ successes of the last 30 years. How can you leverage the bigger names involved in this without forgetting about the smaller ones, who may well turn out to have a bigger pull? Should anybody else than JFL and Live Nation have a say in shaping up the program? 

Be daring. Considering the topic at hand and whom you’ll be speaking to, you can probably get away with a bit more than you think, but don’t let business objectives slip out of your sight.

And while you should always be looking for discipline neutral ideas, we have a hunch that interactive has a huge role to play in solving this brief.

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About Marc Fortin:

Marc chose his profession at a young age. And is still on the same mission. To seek and create. To find the right idea, the one that says: you’re there.

With a B.A. in Marketing from UQAM, he quickly set out on his quest for great campaigns. He worked several years at Prisme and Tam Tam then at Cossette where, for 11 years, he was the creator and driving force behind remarkable campaigns for La Presse, Bell and Sympatico. 

His work has been recognized both at home and around the world: Coqs, Marketing Awards, Extra, New York Festival, London International Advertising Awards, Cannes Lions and Mondial de la publicité francophone. 

Marc Fortin's Feedback:

"For a guy like me, who has a traditional copywriting background, judging ideas is more exciting and more unsettling than ever before. Ideas have to be less and less rooted in a predetermined media or a precise format, and it’s truly incredible.

The spectrum of work that I had to judge was exceptionally wide. Interactive, viral, mobile…these new components are more important than ever in determining which idea has the most potential to lift a brand. I saw some really solid work. Some really bold work. And I chose what I thought had the potential to stand out.

Thanks to everyone who participated. It’s pretty clear that creativity is in good hands."