Nick Law


Chief Creative Officer, North America, R/GA

Brief Released:

May 1, 2012

Submissions Due:

May 31, 2012

Brief: Jai alai

There is a scene in the first season of the TV series “Madmen” where an eccentric client says he wants to promote the game “Jai alai” in the US.


Ignoring his delusional expectation that it will eclipse baseball in seven years, and imagine this brief in 2012.

How would you promote the sport, starting in the media capital of the country, New York?

How would you get people interested in it, understand it, watch it and tell their friends about it; perhaps even play it?

Your client is the modern day version of the gentleman in “Madmen”. He is a wealthy sponsor of the sport who has built a Fronton (arena where the game is played) at Chelsea Piers on the west side of Manhattan.

Here is some more background on the game:


Brief: Project Glass

Google is developing glasses with a head's up display (HUD) over your visual field. Here is a concept video they have released:


As you can see in the video, the visual display provides contextual information and lets you do just about anything a smartphone would, from texting and geosocial check-ins to turn-by-turn directions — all without lifting a finger. Google's conception of this ties right into its umbrella of products, from Maps and Latitude to Google+. According to the minds behind Project Glass, technology should "be there when you need it and get out of your way when you don't".

How would you market this product to a mass audience (beyond the early adopter tech-fetishists)?
What would you call it?

How would you get people to pre-order it?

More background:



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About Nick Law

As Chief Creative Officer, Nick is responsible for the creative vision of R/GA, the New York-based agency for the digital age. He guides teams of visual designers, copywriters and interaction designers as they create award-winning work for a many of Fortune 500 companies. He also ensures that R/GA stays true to the company’s unique legacy of collaboration between world-class creative and groundbreaking technology.
Since 2001 Nick has played a significant role in shaping R/GA’s creative vision. In that time, his work has won numerous international awards and has been widely published in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Asia-Pacific. Within a year of joining the company, he was promoted to vice president of visual design and shortly thereafter named executive creative director on the Nike account, an account responsible for some the industries most innovative and high profile work.
Nick’s background is extensive and diverse, spanning multiple marketing disciplines during 20 years at agencies in the United States and abroad. He began his career in branding and corporate identity and design before switching to advertising, and then ultimately, focusing on digital marketing.

Nick has won every major industry awards, including a Titanium Lion and Grand Prix Cyber Lion at Cannes, and a prestigious Black Pencil from D&AD. The last two years he has been named in Creativity Magazine’s “Creativity 50”, a list of the world’s most influential creatives.