Brief: "Wearable What?"

          Judge: David Brown (R/GA, Regional ECD)

          Month: October 2013

          Link: Round 1 Advertising Brief

Judge's Comments:

"It was a real pleasure to take part in judging this month's Young Glory awards. Seeing the energy, talent and diversity from both the young students and professionals was not just inspiring, but also demonstrates to me the limitless potential that this generation has for embracing technology to solve problems… seriously there were no limits.

Wearable technology is still quite new, so it was interesting to see the areas some of the teams came to focus on their efforts. From staying fit, cancer detection, childhood obesity, diabetes & Alzheimer’s to more light-hearted areas such as attracting the opposite sex, flatulence or even loosing your car keys. There was also quite a lot of overlap between the students and professionals which proved challenging. A few areas that proved really popular, with more then several examples for each; music that adjusted to your running tempo, LinkedIn handshaking, dynamic materials in fashion and global translators to help you communicate with anyone.

At the end of the day I needed some filters. Firstly I looked for ideas that that helped re-define or solve problems. Second ideas that had a strong encompassing insight and finally ideas that demonstrated some commercial sensibilities e.g. market viability.

Kudos to Young Glory and finally congratulations to all the participants and their inspiring ideas."


Professional Gold (25 Points) 

No Professional Golds were awarded this Round.


Professional Silver (18 Points)

Baby Bumpa

Alex Litle (

Professional Bronze (15 Points)

AdTwo (DigitasLBi Edinburgh)

Professional Shortlist (10 Points)

Nike+ Core 
Owl & Bear (Saatchi & Saatchi)

Adidas Star Coach
Next Level (Saatch & Saatchi Hong Kong / wowwowtank) 

(Leo Burnett Lisboa)

Max Gallin (Publicis Kaplan Thaler)

No Moleste (Erwin Penland)


Student Gold (25 Points) 

No Student Golds were awarded this Round.


Student Silver (18 Points)
Henrik Xu (Hyper Island)

Student Bronze (15 Points)

Care Taker 
Alvin Tham, Michele Zazzara & Ingmar Larsen (Hyper Island)

Student Shortlist (10 Points)

Red Cross Emergency Check-in
Beach Kitties (Miami Ad School - Miami)

Brighter Brush
Bernardo Canto /Loipa Ramos/Jesselle Valdes/Waqas Sheikh (Miami Ad School - Miami)

Show Force
Viva Miley (Creative Circus)