Round 3 | Results (Student & Pro)


          Brief: "Fix Islam... with a poster"

          Judge: Jim Riswold, Executive Director W+K12

          Month: December 2012

          Link: Round 3 Brief

I like young.

I wish I was still young and not bald, but, alas, we don’t get everything we want.

However, vicariously or like a vampire, this project made me feel young because I fed off the energy that a lot of the entries radiated.  It made me feel, if not young, at least a tad younger.

So thank you, Bryan, Tim, Miguel, Giancarlo, Josh, Skye, James, Mathias, Prakash, Ricardo, Dimas, Jeppe, Laura, Neela, Camilla, Guran, Samantha, David, Barbara, Francisco, German, Drew, Robert, Jespeb, Daniel, Mads, Tammes, Michael, Xin, Jessica, Christian, Xiao, Lea, Line, Glad, Bjornvakk, Brian, Daniel, Hanna, Devin, Verenice, Jarret, Martins, David, Tracy, Pat, Snyder, Nils, Herman, Joe, Pete, Dustin, John, Chelsea, Jamie, Scott, Tim, Bridget, Pete, Jo, Cummins, Ross, Stephanie, Millicent, Zenon, Kevin, JPA, Tristan, Rob, Alfredo, Joao, Mark, Michelle, Crystal, Stephanie, Daniel, Aron, Mad Dog, Mac ‘n Jay, Josie, Corey, Ashleigh, Julia Guo, Frank, Scott, another Scott, Xavier, Phillipe, Insight & Execute, Sprout Host, all you anonymous ones and all the ones whose names I forgot or couldn’t find in your entries. 

I also apologize to all those whose names I forgot or misspelled. 

Hey, I said I was not young. 

So, enough about my aging, let’s get to you and your entries:

I found most to start from solid thinking.  Solid thinking is good.  Elegant thinking is more good.  I found a number of entries to contain elegant thinking.

We have enough shouting in this world and in this industry.  Maybe a little less shouting in both would be a good thing.  However, yes, there are times for shouting and this particular project--given all those ugly 9/11 hats, signs and sentiments--may demand it.  So, although I don’t care for it, some of my choices had shouting.

I also found many of the entries to swim in the same sea.  Some entries that swam in the same sea completed the loop better than others occupying the same waters.  So, in those same-sea cases, I picked my winners based upon who completed the loop better.

Blah bah.

Here are the ones I picked and a little reason why, starting with the students:

Bronze:  Samantha Raphael.   We don’t like our extremists either is a wonderful, simple and clear thought.  Hooray, Samantha.  Yes, the world doesn’t need any more extremism.  On piece of advice:  The ad world doesn’t need anymore Hitler or Nazi imagery; they are overused.  Yes, Hitler is overused and passé in today’s ad world.  I can’t believe anybody in this industry, especially me, would ever have to utter the words, “Hitler and Nazi imagery is overused and passé in today’s ad world.”  Well done, Samantha. 

Silver:  Francisco Garcia, German Riveria (Youngest Glory):  Labels are Stupid.  Yes, people, they are.  A lot of people swam in your same sea, playing off the wording All I need to know about Islam I learned on 9/11:  All I need to know Catholicism I learned from pedophiles; All I need to know about Columbia I learned from Pablo Escobar; All I need to know about Holland I learned from the Red Light District; etc.  You did it 21 times and you did it with powerful art direction and words.  Really well done, Francisco and German. 


Gold: Insight and Execute:  The pictures of Muslims holding signs that read Everything I need to know about bigotry, I learned on 9/12; Everything I need to know about hatred, I learned on 9/12; and, Everything I need to know about ignorance, I learned on 9/12.  This is eloquent thinking.  You have taken the hatred, ignorance and bigotry contained in the words Everything I need to know about Islam I learned on 9/11 and turned it back on itself.  I absolutely love it, even though handwritten signs are a bit over used in advertising; but the power of the though far outweighs the execution and the thought is always more important than the execution.  Wellfuckingdone, Dudley, Tim, Rahul and Tim.  A bit of aged wisdom: don’t make people make it so hard to find your names, unless, of course, you are on the run from the law.


Okay, now on to the professional young people.

Finalist:  Team Sprout:  Beautiful imagery to the nines, however the idea was a bit unclear.  But I couldn’t get the beautiful images out of my aging head.  I think this campaign would have benefit from better headlines.  Do people still write headlines in today’s ad world or is it considered passé?

(Yes, that was a jab at my age and the industry.)


Finalist: Millicent and Zenon:  This was another campaign playing off the words Everything I need to know about Islam I learned on 9/11.  Like a lot of the other campaigns that swam in the sea used the Holocaust, KKK and lousy politicians.  But, unlike those campaigns, it featured imagery that countered the words: it used an image of the Germans bringing down the wall with the line Everything I need to know about Germans, I learnt from the Holocaust: it used an image of JFK with the line Everything I need to know about Whites, I learned from the KKK; it used an image of image of Mandela with the line Everything I need to know about politics, I learned from Berlusconi.  I really liked the thinking behind this work; however, I thought the branding back to Islam neither clear nor strong.   Also, Zenon is a really cool name, although it makes me think you are from outer space.


Silver Bridget Emmerson (The Creative Bridge).  Like a lot of you, Bridget used inspirational quotes from the Quran.  She also had the idea to bring those quotes to life by working with Muslim designers.  Bridget thought elegantly and thoroughly.  The result was beautiful and compelling.  Well done, Bridget.


Gold Chelsea Davison and Jamie Shin (Davison Shin). Bible or Quran? Holy shit, these two did every thing:  Elegant thinking, provocative thinking, beautiful design, gently forcing the consumer to engage and they even used footnotes in their set up!   I haven’t seen since I was a philosophy major when I was young and meagerly employed in a galaxy far, far away a long, long time ago. The bottom line is this: the point of any worthy religion and, better yet, life itself is that we are put on this big ball circling a big ball of fire to help one another.  That’s it.  This campaign brings that thought to life.  Wellfuckingdone, Chelsea and Jamie. 

Okay, that’s it from me.  Thank you, kids, for letting me play with you.

But, now I’m tired. 

And I need to go nap.

I will dream about your enthusiasm.  Keep it up. 


P.S.  Please see the attached photo.  It occurred while I was going through the entries.  Maybe we’re on to something.