Round 4 | Professional Results


          Brief: "Tax is a Necessary Evil. Make it cool."

          Judge: Ramsey Naja (JWT, Regional CCO, MEA)

          Month: January 2013

          Link:  Round 4 Brief

Judge's Comments:

"I felt that many of the ideas presented were so spot-on, any tax office - or government - around the world would adopt them instantly. The variety in media channels is also very rich: PR-based, interactive, direct or simply ambient. Frankly, the majority of the ideas were good, if it weren't for a tendency towards camouflaging the predictable with technology. The other problem for many entries was more to do with the fact that they missed the key part of the brief: the target audience. If it weren't for that, judging this collection would have been a nightmare. Anyway, thanks guys. That was great fun. Oh and, to the guys who used my name on a "privilege card" they were pushing, I'll say this: nice try."

Professional Gold (25 Points)

No Professional gold was awarded for this round.

Professional Silver (18 Points)

Nedal Ahmed, Bryan Barnes, Austin Campbell, Stacy Mann, Richard Ward, John Wolfe (TracyLocke)
"My 5"

Professional Bronze (15 Points)

Invisible Pants (Freelance Creatives)
"Tax Lottery"

Professional Finalists (10 Points)

Kevin Lobo (McCann Worldgroup India)

Team Fajiggle
"Tax Backers"

Participation (5 Points)

All other entries have been recorded and awarded 5 Participation Points.