Round 4 | Student Results


          Brief: "Tax is a Necessary Evil. Make it cool."

          Judge: Ramsey Naja (JWT, Regional CCO, MEA)

          Month: January 2013

          Link: Round 4 Brief

Judge's Comments:

"I felt that many of the ideas presented were so spot-on, any tax office - or government - around the world would adopt them instantly. The variety in media channels is also very rich: PR-based, interactive, direct or simply ambient. Frankly, the majority of the ideas were good, if it weren't for a tendency towards camouflaging the predictable with technology. The other problem for many entries was more to do with the fact that they missed the key part of the brief: the target audience. If it weren't for that, judging this collection would have been a nightmare. Anyway, thanks guys. That was great fun. Oh and, to the guys who used my name on a "privilege card" they were pushing, I'll say this: nice try."

Student Gold (25 Points) 

Jesper and Daniel (Academy of Art University)
Opportunity Cycle

Student Silver (18 Points)

Insight & Execute (Academy of Art University)
Persuade the Big Fish 


Student Bronze (15 Points)

Glad & Bjornbakk (Norwegian School of Creative Studies)
"Project Growth" 

Student Finalists (10 Points)

Sink or Swin (AWARD School)
"Community Chest"

temnete & joe (Miami Ad School)
"Your Say!" 

Participation (5 Points)

All other entries have been recorded and awarded 5 Participation Points.