Round 5 | Student Results


          Brief: "Bing"

          Judge: Tom Markham (CP+B, Executive Creative Director)

          Month: February 2013

          Link: Round 5 Brief

Student Gold (25 Points) 

Doodle (Norwegian School of Creative Studies)
"Bing It"


Student Silver (18 Points)

There were no Student Silvers awarded this round.

Student Bronze (15 Points)

Alex and Ryo (Hyper Island)

Student Finalists (10 Points)

Vieweg & Westgardh (Academy of Art University)
"Bing Search Bar"

Marie Valat, Jason Leigh, Karis Sim (RMIT University)
"Bing Bling Treasure Hunt"

Insight & Execute (Acaemy of Art University)

Alvin & Kamal (Academy of Art University)
"Bing City Experience"

Su, Becky & Sean (Acaemy of Art University)
"Bing Play"

Aaron & Oscar (Academy of Art University)
"Bing Rewards"

Participation (5 Points)

All other entries have been recorded and awarded 5 Participation Points.