February Brief


Tom Markham, Executive Creative Director, CP+B


Feb 1, 2013

Submission Deadline:

Feb 28, 2013



OK, here's a fun one. You have a great product, you have millions of happy customers, you have money, connections, and you have passion. But it just so happens that your category is totally dominated by a single player. And that player is Google.

You are Bing.

You have a pretty awesome search engine. In side-by-side blind comparisons people tend to prefer Bing results over Google results. You like to think your results are more relevant to people. Bing, you believe, lets people find what they are searching for quicker and get on with doing.

The problem is nearly everyone still uses Google. And even when people take a side-by-side test (like the one at bingiton.com) and agree they prefer Bing results, they often go back to using Google. Because, well, it's Google. It's the default, it works fine, it's the verb.

So your brief is to come up with an idea that will:

  • Motivate people to test Bing for themselves (either at bingiton.com, or simply by trying a search at bing.com)
And, if possible:
  • Motivate people to switch to Bing, by making it their default search engine

Microsoft just wrote you a check for a million bucks to get it done. Ballmer even came up to you in the hall and shook your hand with the force of an industrial vice, whispering "I'm counting on you".

Good luck!




(Legal disclaimer: this brief is not real. I made it up.)

About Tom Markham:

Tom Markham is an ECD at CP+B Boulder.